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GuppyFriend Washing Bag

This bag is your solution to the microplastic problem when washing: Simply put your functional jacket or other textiles into the Guppyfriend wash bag – and then into the washing machine! The Guppyfriend protects your textiles during washing and spinning, so that the fibres break much less often and the clothes do not wear out as quickly. What does break off, the bag catches and collects in its corners. You can then dispose of these microplastic particles in the waste instead of them being washed away with the sewage.

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Functional textiles are often made of synthetic fibres. If they are washed regularly in the washing machine, these fibres can break: Rubbing against the machine wall and other textiles releases tiny fibre fragments that are washed out with the wash water and enter the water cycle as microplastics.

The Guppyfriend wash bag solves this problem in two ways:
Firstly, it protects the clothes during washing so that over 80% of the fibres do not break in the first place. This is not only good for the environment, but also prolongs the life of your textiles.
Secondly, the bag is woven so tightly that it catches the fibre pieces that do break off. After washing, they are deposited in the upper corners on the left and right. You can turn them inside out for cleaning and then dispose of the microplastic in the rubbish. The newer the garment, the more likely it is that pieces of fibre will break off. However, the pieces that are caught are often so small that they are hardly visible to the naked eye and you may have to "collect" them for a few washes.

So the Guppyfriend protects your clothes and the environment – and it is a constant reminder of conscious buying and washing behaviour.

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