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the Mumsie

the 3-in-1 carrying and maternity overall
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    The ultimate Babywearing Overalls from pregnancy to parenting

    Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with joy and precious moments. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges, including finding comfortable and stylish clothing that adapts to the changes in your body. That's where Mumsie steps in, revolutionizing the world of maternity and postpartum fashion with their trendy and functional babywearing overalls.

    What does Mumsie have to do with mamalila? A lot: from pregnancy to babywearing to the time without a baby. It's clothing that allows you and your baby to have fun, everyday convenience, and cuddle moments on the go. All of this applies to both mamalila and Mumsie.

    That's why you can now exclusively get Mumsie in Europe at the mamalila shop!

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    Babywearing with a mumsie

    Mumsie overalls allow you to embrace your personal style while accommodating your changing body. The Mumsie overalls are not only a trendy wardrobe staple but also a practical solution for moms on the go. More precisely, the Mumsie has one unique feature that sets them apart: the babywearing functionality.

    These overalls are meticulously designed, ensuring both style and comfort throughout pregnancy and beyond. Mumsie overalls have been especially designed to not only grow with you to support you throughout pregnancy, but have been ergonomically designed and safety tested as a baby carrier and toddler seat!

    • When used correctly, recognized as hip-healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
    • tested as a baby carrier up to 18 kg according to US and European safety standardsentsprechend den US-amerikanischen und europäischen Sicherheitsstandards als Babytrage bis zu 18 kg getestet
    • Buckles tested up to a weight of 70 kg!

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    How to carry your baby in the mumsie

    With Mumsie overalls, babywearing becomes a seamless part of your daily routine. Whether you're running errands, enjoying a walk in the park, or meeting up with friends, the babywearing functionality allows you to keep your little one close while maintaining your active lifestyle. It's a win-win situation that promotes bonding, comfort, and convenience for both you and your baby.

    The Mumsie overalls all feature a babywearing panel that allows you to comfortably carry your little one while keeping your hands free. The babywearing panel is integrated into the overall's design, ensuring a secure and cozy environment for your baby as you go about your day.

    You want to carry your baby in the mumsie? Here's how simple it is:

    1. Adjust the straps: You'll need a bit more room for your baby compared to wearing the overalls alone. So, start by making the straps slightly longer. You can close one strap before placing your baby. Keep the other strap accessible over your shoulder (and secure it, for example, by tucking it under your bra strap to prevent it from falling off).
    2. Gently place your baby in the babywearing panel (i.e., the bib of the overalls), making sure their legs are comfortably positioned and they sit upright and deep. You may use the provided jersey insert that can be buttoned into your pants with snaps. We recommend using the jersey insert for babies. An older child, e.g. toddler can also sit directly in the babywearing panel.
    3. If using the jersey insert, pull it tightly and without folds over your baby's back, bring the ends over your shoulders, cross them behind the back, and pull them forward. You can then tie the straps underneath your baby with a double knot (similar to a wrap).
    4. Next, fasten the Mumsie and adjust the straps to ensure your baby sits securely and both of you feel comfortable.

    Check for comfort: Take a moment to ensure that your baby is comfortable and properly positioned. Check that their airways are clear, and they have enough space for natural movement and proper circulation while supporting their back.

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    What customers say*

    Wish I'd known about them for my 1st

    Found the mummies at the end of my first pregnancy and promised I'd purchase a pair for my 2nd. Been a god send for toddler meltdowns, quickly pop him in and he's on his way to calming down. - Siobhan

    Amazing! I love these!!

    I love my mumsie!! It is so cute and comfortable to wear. My 4 month old son loves to be carried in it. Super secure and beautiful craftsmanship. All I need to say is get it.


    Simply put they are amazing! They really make Mumma life so much easier... From walking around the house breastfeeding to sleep, rescuing pram kick offs, overwhelmed moments, or just moving around the house without getting a sore arm and back! I don't wear anything else apart from my mumsies on rotation. Can't recommend enough! - Aimee

    * These ratings have been received without consideration or remuneration. For technical reasons, it is not possible to check whether these are actual customers.