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    Sustainability – a labour of love

    Babies and parents are at the centre of our products. This particular target group and the fact that we too are parents, serves as a constant reminder that we have a great responsibility towards others and the environment. Belonging to the conscience of mamalila is a far-sighted, respectful approach to the resources available, as well as the realization that what is good for the environment is generally also a better alternative for humans. Sustainability, in the ecological as well as in the social sense, plays an important role at mamalila. The realization of sustainability is indeed the very corner-stone for our products and the mamalila concept. A high-quality, versatile and therefore long-lasting jacket, which easily adapts to different life situations, conserves resources, retains its value and produces less waste.

    Carefully selected and thought-through details

    Down to the smallest detail in our work place we strive to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, for example, printing our catalogues and brochures in a climate-neutral manner. Above all, we are particularly guided by our sustainability conscience when choosing fabrics and materials:

    • Organic: mamalila only uses organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation.
    • Reusable: recycled or recyclable fibers are used where possible.
    • Innovative: newly developed materials are excellent alternatives to animal products such as down.
    • Skin and environmentally friendly: mamalila avoids substances which can accumulate in the ecosystem or even in humans, not just when wearing the jacket but also during its production and sales life, through evaporation.
    Additional information about the materials used by mamalila can be found here.


    Responsible production, certified businesses

    The demand to act sustainably also affects the production of our jackets. After all, as a manufacturer of high-quality textiles, we also have a responsibility to the people who sew our jackets in countless individual steps. Therefore, mamalila works exclusively with family businesses which have proven that they create fair working conditions. This translates into fair wages, no child labor, and effective measures in workplace safety – among other things. We regularly visit our production sites and build close working relationships with our collaborators. Additionally, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint we avoid long transport distances and produce more mamalila jackets directly in Europe.
    And so it is that the mamalila feel-good moment begins at the moment of purchase and does not need to wait for the first outing to arrive.