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    mamalila is a family business in the best sense and in many respects. The birth of her two children was the reason for the managing director, Vicki Marx, to found mamalila.

    As a huge outdoor and babywearing fan, the young mother discovered a gap in the market. If you wanted to go outside in bad weather while babywearing, then you needed a jacket that was different from what the market at that time offered. And so Vicki developed her first babywearing jacket and gave birth to mamalila. She always kept her own children in mind, her own enthusiasm for babywearingin her heart and her own demands for responsible, sustainable action in mind. Family values and a sense of connectedness heavily shaped the new born mamalila.

    Vicki Marx

    Company founder and managing director of mamalila.

    The mamalila family grows

    In the beginning the company consisted mainly of Vicki and some family members, along with other mothers, who kept the shop running from her cellar. In addition, as a project of a mother of two, it was from the outset compulsory family friendly. The children playing amongst rolls of fabric and cardboard boxes, flexible working hours, grandma saving the day when short staffed.

    And yet, as the family business gradually became more professional, constantly growing, finally having to move out into its own premises, the sense of family remained intact. mamalila todayis still almost exclusively mothers working part-time, bringing their experience from family life into play at work and conversely taking some work knowledge back into the family routine. They remember how it feels to be heavily pregnant or babywearingand weighed down, wistfully browsing through father and child images, and of course routing for every expectant customer as they approach their due date.

    And they are every day happy to be a member of the growing mamalila family.