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    carry with love

    Humans are most closely related to the great apes, they carry their babies underneath their bodies or on their backs when moving around. Most primate youngare unable to get about independent of their parents, so they adapted to hold onto the fur of their mother’s belly from birth. Known as ‘active clinging young’ they can hold on to their mothers and move with her, rather than sleeping in a nest, huddled in a litter, to which the mother returns.

    Today we have only a very rudimentary fur, but can luckily avail of a whole range of babywearing accessories. Because of our origins, it is good for a baby to be worn, it provides security, a sense of belonging and a safe place, it supports physical and cognitive development, and all of this has been scientifically proven and is socially accepted.

    From a parent’s point of view, there are even more aspects favouringbabywearing. Who carries is often more flexible and mobile than someone using a pram or buggy, in the case of stairs or unpaved paths for example, or when dealing with large crowds or using public transportation. Additionally, babywearing parents have both hands free, whether for siblings, the dog or even for doing chores.

    Getting out – babywearing in wind and rain

    However, as soon as it’s time to get out of the house while babywearing, the question of what to wear arises. A normal jacket cannot be closed properly, making it uncomfortable and draughty, and please don’t mention rain. But what a pity because it is wonderful to be outdoors and babywearing, enjoying nature and changing seasons together, moving, close together and yet unencumbered, free, active – these are very special experiences in an enormously experience rich period as a young family.

    The founder of mamalila, Vicki Marx, is herself a huge outdoor and babywearing fan, and as a young mother quickly learned that both are difficult to do together. She wanted to change this, with innovative outdoor babywearing clothing which were uncomplicated and pleasant. With functional babywearing jackets that offer real wind and rain protection. With beautifully cut coats and feminine jackets in which moms continue to feel like women. With a versatile collection, which also caters to the dads, thereby ensuring that babywearing no matter the time of year and no matter the weather would continue to thrive.

    Babywearing is truly wonderful!