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Babywearing jackets
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The favourite jacket for the whole family

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More than a babywearing jacket

Every mamalila babywearing jacket or babywearing coat is equipped with versatile inserts: one for pregnancy, and one for babywearing. This allows you to extend your mamalila for your baby bump and later your baby. The jacket extensions can easily be zipped into the jacket – in the front or on the back! Without the insert, you can continue to wear your babywearing jacket as a normal jacket.

Babywearing outdoors – with your mamalila babywearing jacket

mamalila Tragejacke - Carry with love

Babywearing is wonderful: it gives your child security, and it gives you freedom and mobility. When out and about, babywearing is an uncomplicated way to take your baby with you. With a mamalila babywearing jacket your baby gets extra space in your jacket, your baby is being carried in a sling or carrier, just like at home. Going out is much easier because your baby is protected by your babywearing jacket and doesn't need to put anything else on – no matter if you are babywearing on the front or on your back.

At the same time your mamalila jacket is also a maternity jacket for pregnancy. And when you are out, and not babywearing, you simply put it on without the jacket extension – and your mamalila becomes a completely normal jacket.

mamalila – the original

As the developer of babywearing jackets from the very beginning and market leader for babywearing clothing, we have many years of experience in the design and conception of babywearing jackets and coats. Lots of customer feedback, the experience of babywearing consultants and midwives, as well as profound textile knowledge flow into the development of our jackets.

In this way, we can offer you not only a babywearing jacket that you like, but above all one in which you feel comfortable, in which you can carry your baby safely, and which is made with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

A jacket that you will enjoy for many years. Because longevity is the best sustainability.

About us

What is YOUR style?

Do you like it practical, easy to clean and weatherproof? Or do you prefer it to be sporty and functional for the great outdoors? Perhaps an urban look is important to you, or would you rather natural textiles like boiled wool?

There are so many great materials, each offering their own benefits. That's why we use different raw materials, depending on the area of use. What's always important to us is that it has to be sustainable, of high quality, and we want you to feel good in it!

Simply practical

You want a babywearing jacket that accompanies you in everyday baby life and can cope with everything that happens: sudden changes in weather, chocolatey children's hands, muddy toddler shoes and spontaneous sitting breaks on the wet meadow? A babywearing jacket that you can wear all year round – whenever you need it.

Then be sure to take a look at our softshell collection!

Softshell babywearing jackets

Weatherproof – outdoor

Do you love to be outdoors, do you enjoy sports, are you often on holiday in the mountains, by the sea or in a camper van? All this is also possible with a baby and is great fun together – just adapt your activities to your situation as a mother or father. The mamalila outdoor babywearing jackets give you this freedom.

Equipped for any weather

Function meets style

Your clothes, your style are important to you, but just as important is that your wardrobe goes well with your green conscience. Recycling, thoughtful sustainability, innovative materials that look great, feel great and don't compromise on weather protection: we have something for you!

Sustainable babywearing coats

Babywearing with wool

If you appreciate the great qualities of wool and your baby also likes wool, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for in our boiled wool babywearing coats: 100% boiled wool, warming, temperature regulating, 100% natural, and at mamalila also windproof – let us surprise you!

Wool babywearing coats

Sustainable by conviction

We at mamalila have been making babywearing jackets for over a decade. We made a fundamental decision right at the beginning: the production of our jackets has to happen under fair conditions and should be as sustainable as possible.

On the one hand, the carried baby is in close contact with the jacket, so freedom from harmful substances is particularly important. On the other hand, we not only want to protect our children with our babywearing jackets, but also the world which our children will inherit.

Therefore, social fairness and responsible use of resources are a must for us in production.

You can find out exactly what this looks like here:

mamalila's sustainability philosophy

From mamalila with love

mamalila offers you versatile products for becoming a parent and being a parent, all about babywearing outdoors. And when our customers say: "This is my favourite jacket!", then we know that we have done everything right. Because that is our goal.

Frequently asked questions

Mom must-have: a babywearing jacket

The first year with a baby is often intense, especially for mothers.
With our babywearing jackets we want to make your baby's everyday life easier and ensure that the two of you feel comfortable. It might just be one of the most important purchases for you during your time as a mom!

Our claim: uncomplicated but stylish. It doesn't hurt to look good while carrying your baby.

Jackets for moms


Depending on the season when you are pregnant, you may need an extra jacket, once your current model no longer fits. But is it worth buying one for a relatively short period of time? With mamalila you can simply continue to use your pregnancy jacket as a babywearing jacket after the birth. Or as a normal jacket without inserts. It is so much more than a maternity jacket. And it is so worth it!

Check it out!

Babywearing jackets for dads

Babywearing is the ideal time for baby and dad to begin to build a very special relationship. In this way, you can create a close bond whilst at the same time you are sharing in the caring – fun and in the fresh air. That's why mamalila also has jackets for dads for front and back carrying:

Jackets for dads

No jacket, no problem

Are you unsure whether you need a babywearing jacket? Then perhaps a babywearing cover is the answer for you. As a smaller version of the babywearing jacket the cover protects your baby, while you are perhaps already warm enough without or with an open jacket. The unisex cover from mamalila can be worn over a baby carrier or a sling.

Everything you need to know about babywearing covers:

Babywearing cover

Babywearing all year round

Whatever the weather, with a baby you will always go out into the fresh air because it is good for both of you! An appropriate babywearing jacket makes it easy for you, because you simply take your baby with you under your jacket. In winter it's a must because of the cold, in summer it's a great way to protect your baby against the rain.

Look for the right babywearing jacket here depending on the season and for your desired area of use!

Babywearing in spring and summer

You want a babywearing jacket for milder days, especially if walking the dog is a part of your every day, are often out and about in the fresh air, when hiking, Nordic walking or going for a stroll and want to take your carried baby with you. We have developed a range of outdoor babywearing jackets and rain babywearing coats: waterproof, windproof and breathable, so that you can always go outside with your carried baby, even in unpredictable weather.

spring / summer

Babywearing in autumn and winter

The most important period of use for babywearing jackets and coats is without a doubt cold weather. From autumn onwards and right through winter, when it is unpleasant outdoors, babywearing over your jacket is not recommended. The babywearing jacket guarantees you enough protection and your child the warmth it needs.

When both of you are under one jacket, the best thing is that you warm each other – we call it "heating to go". You can find out more about carrying in winter here:

autumn / winter

Carry with love

Closeness and security are indispensable for a new born baby. A wonderful way to fulfil these needs is to carry your child – in a baby carrier or sling this is super easy.

At the same time, a baby carrier or sling is an incredibly valuable support in everyday life with small children. If you babywear, you have both hands free, you can look after the older sibling or do the housework.

It is even nicer to be out and about with the carried baby: your baby is close to you, gets cuddles and you get a bit of freedom. Forest paths, stairs or lots of people are no obstacle with a baby in the carrier – sometimes they are for the pram. "Walk and talk" with your friend also works wonderfully with a carried baby. And when your baby grows up, it's worth trying out carrying them on your back. It's easy on your back, and many children have a lot of fun doing it.

That's our belief: Enjoy this great time! Carry with love!

Questions? You can find the answers here:

From when and for how long can I use a babywearing jacket?

The babywearing jacket is already there for you before the birth of your child, because with a pregnancy insert you can expand all mamalila babywearing jackets and have a fully-fledged maternity jacket.

As soon as your baby is born, you can exchange the pregnancy insert for the baby insert and use your mamalila as a babywearing jacket. It's best to have a midwife or babywearing consultant show you how to wear it so that you can tie your baby correctly right after the birth.

The jacket extension of your mamalila babywearing jacket can be used in the front as well as in the back, allowing you to carry your baby on your back. This is ideal when your child is a little older, heavier and taller, as you can no longer see over the child's head so well at the front. Be daring, try to carry your baby on your back – it's a lot of fun and very comfortable as it makes carrying much easier. Experience shows that your baby will fit under your mamalila jacket up to one and a half or two years.

At the very beginning, babies are still very small and can't really see out of the jacket – then it's best to just leave the top part open. As soon as your baby has head control, you can close the mamalila babywearing jacket over your chest so that you can also protect your chest and neck.

How warm should the babywearing jacket be?

That depends a bit on you and your child: some are rather chilly, others are quickly too warm. In general, you should know that you and your baby are together under the jacket, and together you are warmer under the jacket than you are alone. Therefore, the babywearing jacket does not have to be as thick as your normal jacket is at that time of year.

Of course, it also depends on your area of use. Is it often very cold in winter in your region or do you have a rather mild climate? In addition, you can also consider whether you prefer to do an "onion" look and take a lighter babywearing jacket, for example the rainy day jacket, and wear a jumper underneath in winter, or whether you want to be snugly and warm and choose from our winter range.

What size do I need for my babywearing jacket?

Take the jacket in the size you normally wear jackets in. It should fit you well without your baby. After all, your mamalila babywearing jacket is a normal jacket that you can wear without your baby – and we are sure that you will be happy to do so. The baby insert will take care of the extra space your child needs.

At what point is it worth buying a babywearing jacket?

That always depends on your personal situation:

If you are pregnant, it is worth it simply because you can also use the jacket as a maternity jacket.

If your baby is already born, it depends on how often and how long you like to carry it. Do you enjoy going out together, taking a relaxing walk? Would you like to have an easy way to spend time together with your baby? Then we strongly advise you to get a babywearing jacket, because it makes your everyday life much easier.

If you only use your baby carrier from time to time or mainly at home and not out and about, then a babywearing cover might be enough for you. This only protects your baby – you can put on your own jacket and simply leave it open. In this case, another person, for example dad or grandma, can also babywear and use the cover.