mamalila - excellence

mamalila has a history of excellence: a "Gold Award" at the ISPO 2013, the biggest international Sport Exhibition, as well as being nominated for the "Child and Youth Innovation Award 2013", awarded at the leading Baby- and Child Trade Fair. Mamalila was also nominated in 2013 for the Brand New Award at the ISPO.

The Judgement for the ISPO GOLD AWARD with the “all-weather jacket for two”, designed for mother and child.

"The innovative mamalila jacket is made for the modern parent who wants to stay active in the outdoors. It's a bold product with high versatility and lots of innovation targeting a user who is sometimes a little forgotten.“

Multi-use Babywearing Clothing:

Many mothers and fathers already know that carrying your baby in a carrying system or sling is pleasant and practical. You are close to your baby with both hands free - your baby is happy and content simply to be with you! Babywearing offers many advantages.

Mamalila offers suitable protection from the elements for babywearing parents: clothing which shelters the parent and child together under the same jacket. Whether hiking in the mountains, strolling through the woods or dashing to the corner shop: mamalila has models suitable for autumn and winter or spring and summer.

Mamalila babywearing clothing is compatible with most carrying systems and slings- regardless of whether you carry your baby in front of you or behind you.

Thanks to the mamalila-concept every mamlila jacket is not only designed for babywearing but also for maternity wear and of course can also be worn without a baby or a bump.