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    Baby, Its Cold Outside: Your Ultimate Guide to Babywearing in the Cold Season

    25.10.2023 14:31

    When your baby is nestled close to your heart, you can sense their temperature, warming them with your own body heat. This natural intimacy is an invaluable advantage of babywearing, especially when compared to using a stroller. So, you can venture out together into the fall or winter world, warm and sheltered, exploring the joys of the season.

    But ensuring your baby stays warm and cozy during the cold season, be it fall or winter, still requires a bit of preparation and know-how. Don’t fret, though – with a sprinkle of knowledge and a dash of care, you and your little one can enjoy the wonders of the colder months together.

    General Tips for Babywearing in Cold Weather

    1.    Share Body Heat: Wear your baby inside your jacket instead of over it to share body heat, creating a warm cocoon for both of you.

    2.    Check Baby’s Comfort: Regularly assess your baby’s neck to ensure it is warm and dry. A damp neck indicates sweating, while a cool neck suggests your baby is too cold.

    3.    Safety: Ensure the baby insert of your jacket protects your baby from the cold and wind while maintaining clear airways. Don’t wear a big scarf; better close your jacket in front of your chest to protect it from wind and cold.

    4.    Invest in Quality Clothing: High-quality baby clothing made of wool or wool-silk may be more expensive upfront but offers longevity and can be used for subsequent siblings, making them a sustainable choice.

    But how do you dress your baby properly in the cold? Our tip: The Layering Principle

    Dressing your baby appropriately during the cold season is crucial for its’ comfort and well-being. By layering your baby's clothing, you can respond effectively to changing temperatures, ensuring it stays warm and cozy.

    Bottom Layer: Begin with a long-sleeved bodysuit made of a wool-silk mix and wool-silk tights. Wool, being warm, breathable, and regulating temperature, prevents your baby from sweating.

    Second Layer: Opt for a pure wool jumper or jacket, providing warmth without bulkiness and allowing your baby freedom of movement. Consider legwarmers instead of trousers for easy removal if your little one falls asleep in the carrier and you return home into the warmth of the house.

    Feet: Keep your baby’s feet warm with knitted wool socks or booties As they protrude from the carrier and receive less of your body heat they need an extra layer.

    Overall: For extremely cold weather, consider an overall made of boiled wool. Overalls Boiled wool is thin, warm, temperature-regulating, and water repellent, providing comprehensive protection from the elements.

    Head and Hands: Always protect your baby’s head with a snug cap to prevent heat loss. For the hands, opt for warm mittens, ensuring your little one’s fingers stay cozy.

    Babywearing during the cold season, whether it's fall or winter, can be a delightful experience for both you and your little one. By sharing body heat underneath a babywearing jacket, dressing your baby in appropriate layers, and following these general tips, you can venture out with confidence, knowing your baby is snug, warm, and safe. So, bundle up, venture out, and create beautiful memories with your baby, fully prepared for the chilly adventures that await!

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