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    Babywearing - a life-saver for families with multiple kids

    27.09.2023 10:39

    Being a parent is the greatest adventure one can imagine, but it also comes with its challenges, especially when you have more than one child. Balancing the needs of a baby and an older sibling can be a demanding task. However, there's a wonderful solution that can make life easier for parents while offering numerous benefits for both children: babywearing. In this article, we'll show you how to have your hands free to care for your older child while ensuring your baby still gets the closeness they need.

    1. Hands-Free Parenting One of the biggest advantages of babywearing is that you have both hands free, a real game-changer for parents with multiple children. Carry your baby in a carrier or wrap while you cook, clean, help your older child with homework, or handle other tasks that require both hands.
    2. Time to Cuddle When you have an older child, it can sometimes be challenging to find alone time with the baby. Babywearing provides the perfect solution. Your baby is nestled against your chest, feeling your warmth, hearing your heartbeat, and enjoying your presence while you simultaneously tend to your older child's needs.
    3. Siblings' Relationship It's not uncommon for older siblings to feel a bit jealous of the baby or feel neglected. Babywearing can alleviate these feelings. When the baby is in the carrier, their needs are met without demanding full attention, allowing parents to focus on the older child. Over time, this can foster a stronger sibling bond as the older child realizes they still have the full love and support of their parents.
    4. Multitasking is Key Parents are the ultimate multitaskers, and babywearing makes it even easier. Whether you're playing with building blocks, helping with a puzzle, or reading a story to your older child, you can do it all while your baby cuddles in a carrier or wrap. And it's not just your older child who benefits; your household also appreciates the attention while the baby is being carried.
    5. Mobility and Adventure Having your baby in a carrier or wrap doesn't limit you to indoor activities. Whether it's a trip to the park, a family hike, or a visit to the zoo, you can easily take your baby along without the hassle of maneuvering a stroller through crowds or challenging terrain. This mobility allows you to continue exploring the world with your older child while your baby enjoys the adventure in the carrier or perhaps takes a nap.
    6. Naps on the Go Babies often choose the most inconvenient times to nap, especially when you're on the move. By wearing your baby, you can create a cozy and familiar environment for them to nap in while you carry on with your daily activities, including caring for your older child's needs.

    Parenting with multiple children can be demanding, but babywearing offers numerous advantages that make the journey easier and more enjoyable. You keep your baby close while having your hands free to care for your older child and maintain your daily routines. It's a win-win situation that promotes stronger family bonds and eases the challenges of juggling the needs of multiple children.

    Photocredit: Hannah Kayser - @tragebogen

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