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    Traveling with a baby – breaking free from the diaper routine

    25.05.2023 15:09

    Too exhausting, too uncertain, or even too dangerous? If mom and dad feel good and the child is healthy and happy, there's nothing against taking a first trip. The little ones don't need a vacation program yet; they sleep a lot in the beginning and can travel almost anywhere for free. They don't get bored on a train journey, don't find hikes dull or tiring, they are comfortably carried in a carrier and are up for any city sightseeing. Mom and dad are always nearby, and that's usually enough for babies.

    Many of the following tips, reminders, and suggestions are based on personal experiences. Whether it's a holiday village, a road trip, or backpacking, with the right preparation, traveling becomes almost child's play.

    When planning a vacation with children, there's one thing you should do above all: be honest with yourself. Most options and ideas are feasible even with a baby, perhaps with a bit more planning and/or at a different pace. 

    What needs to be taken along?

    The nervous checklist - Practical & Useful Things

    Baby's needs are a crucial factor in determining the extent of the journey. Just as sleep determines journey times and stages, there are of course many other things that need to be on board to ensure a baby is looked after: Really everything?

    Cities and landscapes at a "stroller pace"

    ... probably the most frequently asked question by many parents: "Should we bring the stroller or not?" Stroller, buggy, backpack carrier, baby wrap or sling – there's a wide selection of means of transportation. But what about their suitability for travel?

    The stroller, as practical as it may be when it can be folded up, takes up a lot of space, whether in a car or a motorhome. According to reports from experience, some parents only used the stroller twice: the first and the last time! It's too big, too bulky, and too cumbersome to handle for a spontaneous stop. 

    Now let's talk about the buggy: small, sporty, but...

    A buggy is only suitable when the child can sit securely and steadily, and even then, only for short distances. In this otherwise practical vehicle, the child's back is not sufficiently protected as vibrations are transmitted directly due to the lack of suspension. Visiting old towns with many stairs and cobblestone streets becomes a bumpy challenge.

    The most practical and comfortable way to travel with children is using a baby wrap or carrier. Swinging up and down stairs, unhindered walks over rocks and stones, casually strolling through the hustle and bustle of markets without the constant "Excuse me, can I get through?" accompanied by those looks when the stroller plows through the crowd in a stop-and-go manner. Or you accidentally bump into someone's heels. 

    6 good reasons for #carryinginsteadofrolling when traveling

    1. The cuddle factor is guaranteed for both the child and the parents. Under the babywearing jacket, the baby carrier becomes a cosy temporary home, and the baby's sleeping place never changes, no matter where the journey takes you.
    2. Mom and dad have their hands free.
    3. Babywearing is barrier-free. This is a significant advantage, for example, when accessing subway stations during city trips, going for walks in the woods, at the beach, and especially in the mountains, where you can move freely without restrictions. 
    4. The child's gaze is always focused on the immediate surroundings, with a focus on the parents. The baby is always close to the action, without being overwhelmed by too many stimuli. 
    5. Due to the proximity to mom and dad and the pleasant rocking motion, children fall asleep relaxed. 
    6. While being carried, the child responds with subtle compensatory movements. This promotes muscle strength and supports motor development. 

    Undoubtedly, baby carriers and slings are at the top of the ranking.  

    And what about rain, wind, and cold weather? Nothing easier than that: put on a babywearing jacket, and further activities become child's play. Baby carriers, slings, and babywearing jackets provide families with a significant amount of freedom in both everyday life and during travels. 

    Ultimately, a child benefits the most from happy, satisfied, and relaxed parents.  

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