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    Baby it’s getting cold outside

    18.10.2022 15:41

    By the time the mild and golden October is replaced by the frosty and wet November this year, parents of babies and toddlers will once again be confronted with a familiar conundrum: what do I dress my child in so that they're protected from the cold and wet without sweating? Below we have summarized the most important tips for taking a carried baby for an autumn walk in the woods or to the slopes for some fun in the snow.

    • A babywearing jacket protects and warms not only your carried child, but also you. You warm each other & thereby both of you can save on a layer of clothing.
    • Don't dress your baby too thickly under the jacket, each additional layer separates it from your body heat. Take into account that the carrier/sling acts as an extra layer of clothing, adding warmth. Usually the clothes your child wears around the house will suffice.
    • If it is so cold that indoor clothing is not enough, choose warm but thin layers, for example, wool or silk. In particular padded suits or jackets should be avoided when you have your baby in the carrier, because the carrier/sling presses the air out of the padding, so the warming effect is lost.
    • In addition to the head, which peeks out of the babywearing jacket and therefore needs a hat, the legs and feet of your child also need an extra layer, as they do not lie close to your body and therefore get less body heat. Especially practical are leg warmers and booties.
    • Don't wear thick scarves, thus leaving the childs airways free. Simply close your mamalila in front of your chest or put on a thin, tight-fitting loop scarf.
    • If you are unsure whether your baby is warm enough, or perhaps too warm, put your hand on the back of its neck. Here you can feel if baby is warm enough or even sweating.
    • When back carrying, it is best to put a balaclava style hat on your child so that he/she cannot lose it or take it off unnoticed.

    We hope our tips help you and the whole family enjoy a great time outdoors, especially during the cold season. With these tips there's nothing standing in the way of your next autumn leaf battle or cosy winter stroll. Have fun, your girls from mamalila

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