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    Light And Easy To Go

    31.08.2023 11:25

    There are two types of parents in this world: those who pack way too much for their baby when they’re on the go, and those who pack way too much as well, but forget half the stuff they might actually have needed! In any case, we all tend to be overwhelmed in this kind of situation, take too many things with us, don’t use half of it and get upset having to carry all this stuff around… We have the answer for you: minimalism! By focusing on essential items and embracing the power of babywearing, you can enjoy quality time outdoors with your little one without being weighed down by an excess of stuff. And here are some tips as well as a list of how to pack lightly when you’re on the go with your baby.

    Essentials-Only Packing

    When heading for a walk or an outing with your baby, prioritize items that are essential for a few hours and forget the rest, you don’t need much more. Remember, you're not preparing for every possible scenario; you're preparing for a comfortable outing for you and your baby. Here is a quick list of what you truly need:

    • 3-4 diapers for a short outing, you don’t need the whole box!
    • Wipes
    • Something you can use as a changing pad
    • A spare onesie just in case
    • A small burp cloth
    • A bottle if you’re bottle feeding (Pack warm water in a thermos for formula to feed wherever you want!)
    • A carrier
    • A babywearing cover or jacket to protect your baby

    Pack all this stuff in a large hip bag or a backpack to allow easy babywearing. Choose items that serve multiple purposes. For example, a lightweight muslin blanket can be used as a nursing cover if you need one. Your babywearing cover protects your baby from sun, wind and rain, but can also be used as a baby blanket for the car, a picnic blanket, a changing pad…Be creative!

    Yes to babywearing, but make it lightweight and compact

    At this point, we don’t need to tell you anymore why we prefer babywearing to strollers…But babywearing can also be complicated when outside, and choosing the right tool can make a huge difference! A traditional wrap takes up a lot of space, weighs a lot and can get easily wet and dirty when touching the ground… Whereas a ring sling for example, is perfect for easy babywearing and quick hop-on and hop-off with your toddler. It is very compact, lightweight, allows you to carry infants and toddlers. And let’s not forget how practical it is for breastfeeding!

    You don’t like ring slings or your shoulder hurts after 10 minutes with it? No problem, there are lots of alternatives! At mamalila, we recently discovered the Leolin carriers and wished we had known about it before! It grows with your child, is compact, lightweight, easy to use and comes in a small bag for easy storage. Shanek, the founder of Leolin who was kind enough to have us test her products, found just the right motivation for this new carrier:

    "With the awareness that as parents, we already carry a lot of baby and toddler equipment with us every day in our daily lives and during vacations, I wished for a baby carrier that combines comfort, safety, and ergonomics in a compact-sized baby carrier. This way, it can be taken everywhere effortlessly.

    Inspired by outdoor specialists, these baby carriers are made from high-quality woven, toxin-free, and hypoallergenic nylon parachute silk.

    All Leolins are suitable for parents who are seeking a lightweight, small, uncomplicated, sturdy, and comfortable carrier that reliably accompanies the carrying parents in all their activities."

    At mamalila, we were thrilled to discover and test what we think is one of the most compact baby carriers ever. Bonus: it comes in two sizes to accommodate infants as well as toddlers!

    Heading outdoors with your baby doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare any more. By embracing minimalism and harnessing the power of babywearing, you can simplify your outings and create beautiful memories with your little one. So, go ahead and embark on your next adventure with confidence, knowing that you have everything you need without the unnecessary baggage.

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