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    „Wow, this is something I didn’t know about!”

    23.02.2023 00:08

    A comment we often hear from customers who have actually owned a mamalila jacket for a long time, either written under videos on our social media or direct in our shop here in Altdorf. Because a mamalila jacket not only contains a lot of know-how about materials and cuts - but also many years of wearing experience from our team members and customer feedback. Which is why our jackets are packed with lots of great functions and details that make (baby)wearing a very special experience. 
    Curious? We show you which great details make the mamalila Allrounder an absolute all-purpose solution and favourite jacket in everyday life for moms.

    Goodbye draughts 

    To make sure that neither mom nor dad (yes, they're also available for men, here) nor the carried child catch a draught, we've come up with a few features to make our Allrounders wind-proof.

    1. Is there anything worse than a draught of wind on the back of your neck? Probably. But when you're a baby and can't just put on a scarf, it's quite unpleasant. So pull the cord at the neck of your mamalila's baby insert close to your baby's neck to protect baby from wind and draughts.
    2. With the buttons at the top of the baby insert, you can easily close your mamalila in front of your chest to protect your neck and chest area from the cold and wind, without your baby having a scarf or shawl in it’s face that could hinder it’s breathing. Close the buttons even if you are wearing on your back to keep the opening as small as possible.
    3. You will find a cord at the hem of your jacket. Tighten it so that no cold air can get into your jacket from below. This will not only keep you warm, but also your little one's feet.

    Hood = neck protection = head support 

    We often see the hood of our Allrounders hanging down when not in use, the straps dangling from left to right with every movement. That's actually how we thought of it, when you don't need the hood because it's neither very windy nor raining: 

    A) Your baby is awake
    Fold the baby hood completely & stow the straps in the pockets provided. Pull the cord towards your baby's neck as described above to form a small headrest to protect your baby from draughts.

    B) Your baby is sleeping
    Pull the straps out of the pockets on the side of the headrest where the back of your baby's head is and attach the straps to the snap on your collar where you usually attach your own hood. Pull it tight to get a proper head support for your baby.

    And then, that certain something 

    We also call it the "feel-good factor" - this comes about when the entire mamalila team slips into each jacket once 😊 No kidding! First evaluation criterion: how does it feel to slip into the jacket? Are the cuffs on the sleeves comfortable? Is the jacket light enough? Also, hands are put into all the pockets - does it feel nice and soft? Zips are opened & closed, hoods are put on, the fit with braids, messy buns and other hairstyles are discussed. They twist and turn, some test with dolls, others have to use real babies, the pregnant women are also commandeered from their desks. Some even go for a spin around the office in the rain or jog up and down the stairs to test whether the weather protection and breathability are up to mamalila standards. 

    Does that sound like a lot of work for a jacket? Maybe - but the incentive to create the best babywearing jackets on the market for our customers is motivation enough. 

    Want to see the features described above? Take a look at our Instagram channel. There you will find a lot of interesting videos about babywearing.

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