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    Babywearing Cover Softshell

    Some parents do not wish to invest in a babywearing jacket or look for a solution that both parents can avail of. For these the mamalila cover made from supple softshell is the quickest and easiest answer when babywearing outdoors in all kinds of weather. The softshell cover is compatible with all types of carrying systems and wraps, keeps wind and rain away from the child and thanks to its breathable membrane ensures a comfortable dry climate “under cover”. Also, thanks to the adjustable snap closure system it will fit for the entire babywearing period.


    Suitable for





    with an extra layer of clothing also suitable for wearing in winter

    Functions and Features

    Babywearing parents who are particularly sporty and want to take the baby say when Nordic Walking, will heat-up quickly, whereas the child which is barely moving will need to be protected. In such cases the softshell cover can also be a solution, as it is a weather proof, warming layer around the baby, but the parents can wear their usual jackets and leave them open.

    FC-free coated

    water repellant

    level 4


    level 6


    level 5

    cold protection

    level 4

    Outside, water repellent and wind proof softshell

    Inside, cuddly fleece

    Adjustable neck to protect against draughts

    Adjustable baby hood

    Inlaid, closeable pockets, where mom or dad can warm their hands like in a muffler

    FC free coating for eco-friendly rain protection

    Available colours

    The mamalila babywearing cover comes in three versions, differing in the way they are fixed and the colours in which they are available.

    Babywearing Cover Softshell Vario – the flexible version suitable for all types of baby carriers

    The cover comes with two additional long straps with which the shorter straps on the cover can be extended as required. With the short straps the cover can be easily fastened around the straps of a comfort baby carrier. Extend the straps and it can be used over a wrap/sling. The cover is therefore intended especially for babywearers who like to switch between different carrying systems. How to use our covers carrying the baby on the back and carrying the baby in front of the belly see our YouTube-Tutorials:



    Babywearing Cover Softshell – long straps: especially for wrap/sling fans

    Although the cover with long, crossed straps is also suitable for all types of carrying systems, we recommend it especially for parents who carry their children in a wrap/sling. The best ways to use the cover for front or back babywearing are demonstrated in our YouTube tutorials:



    Babywearing Cover Softshell – short straps: especially for those using comfort carriers

    The short strap cover is particularly practical for those using a comfort carrier; the straps are simply fastened around the shoulder straps. The easiest ways to use the cover when babywearing on the front or back are shown in our YouTube tutorials:


    apple greenapple green


    Versatile all-round protection


    the babywearing cover made from stretchy softshell attaches the baby to the wearer without constricting either. Suitable for front or back babywearing, simply fasten with the straps to the side of the cover and pull closed. A user manual is included.

    This clever cover evolves


    the one size fits all softshell cover is adjustable in length and width and thus grows with the baby, from birth to an age of about two years. The body measurements of the wearer do not matter, making it suitable for both mom and dad to use.

    Combination of high-tech and ecofriendly


    Thanks to its special membrane with a water column of 10,000mm, the cover is completely wind and water proof, yet breathable. The skin and environmentally friendly FC free coating allows rain to be repelled.

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