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    Before you know it that sweet little baby that you carried has become a sweet child, with feet popping out of the jacket or cover that need to be protected. Because now outside of their protected covering feet can quickly get cold or wet, the mamalila collection also includes a range of booties to match in fabric, colour and function the jackets. And which can do so much more than just warm.


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    Functions and Features

    Not only do the booties function as a kind of extension to the jacket, keeping feet warm and dry when protruding, but some booties are also designed as a sturdy top-layer and dirt protector. The softshell and winter booties are perfect for the playground when the carried child wants to make a first attempt at walking but does not yet have proper walking shoes or the proper shoes should not get scuffed up. They can also be pulled on over dirty shoes after a trip in the mud so mom and carrier can stay clean on the journey home.

    Perfect companion for jacket or cover

    • Matching fabric and colour to mom or dad’s jacket
    • One size, fits approximately from shoe size 18 to 22
    • Versatile companion depending on the need and material, from cosy, warm and superlight to waterproof and breathable.


    passend zur Softshelljacke

    matching the Softshell


    passend zur Softshelljacke

    matching the Winter


    passend zur Softshelljacke

    matching the
    Short Coat and Quilted Winter Jacket for Babywearing

    passend zur Softshelljacke

    matching the
    Allweather Jacket for Babywearing Winter

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    Quickly pulled on


    The softshell and the winter booties have a zipper at the heel and Velcro on the side, the quilted booties are lace-ups. Therefore all models are easy to get on and take off and can be easily adjusted to the size of the child’s leg, making for a perfect fit that does not slip.

    Booties as trouser protectors


    The booties can supplement or replace the usual leather or woolen shoes of the child adding extra protection against cold and wet. The booties which are made from a functional fabric such as softshell, are cut so that they can be worn over proper shoes up to size 21-22. The thought behind it being, a larger child who alternates between walking and carrying has dirty shoes, simply pull the booties over them and mom can stay clean.

      Ideal for toddlers and muddy princes

      „The mamalila booties have already served us well. When my little one took his first steps holding my hand, they were great to pull over socks. Later, we had the muddy feet and shoes to stick in them, thus eliminating mess when wearing.“
      Nina S.

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