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Hooded Babywearing Coat

Elegant, comfortable and warm, this favourite from the mamalila collection is the perfect combination of design and function. Distinguished by its’ classic cut and thought through fabric mix! Outside 100% boiled wool, a natural temperature regulator and amazingly dirt repellent, not so unimportant in family life. Complimented by a windproof lining, making the coat a trusty companion in all kinds of weather, whether pregnant, babywearing or afterwards as a timeless winter coat. Thanks to the mamalila concept and accompanying inserts, the coat can adapt as needed and enjoy many years of autumn and winter walks.

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with maternity insert

with baby insert in front

with baby insert behind

Functions and Features

The hooded coat is the best example of how women during and after pregnancy do not need to compromise on design or style, and all of that combined with natural materials. Thanks to the dirt repelling outer shell, the coat retains a well-groomed look even when worn excessively and must seldom be cleaned. At the same time the breathable wool regulates temperatures for optimal comfort, whether it’s a cold winter’s day or a changeable autumn one.

Ideal combination of high-tech and eco

  • breathable, water resistant and windproof membrane
  • natural boiled wool: warms, regulates temperature and is dirt repellent
  • winter proof and yet surprisingly light
  • made in Europe

water repellant

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level 6


level 6

cold protection

level 5

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Higher collar for mom to protect against the wind

Fold-up wind protection on baby’s neck

Baby insert that is adjustable in numerous positions for optimum fit

Windproof lining and warm wool outside

Stylish cuff

Retractable hood for mom, so as not to interfere when carrying on back






Winter Rose

Winter Rose

Hooded Coat for two is available in sizes XS to XL. More information can be found in our webshop.


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Award Winning Design


The hooded coat for two was the winner of the German Design Award 2016 in the “Excellent Product Design – Baby and Child Care” category. The jury stated that it was particularly impressed by the fact that the coat can be worn without a child, as this is something that is not always immediately evident. For us it is important that the coat should always look good,retaining its perfect fit in every possible variation. That’s why the maternity insert is adjustable so that it can adapt daily to moms changing form.

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Woolly warm and weatherproof


Boiled wool is a wonderful material, which naturally regulates temperature and ensures optimal warmth, not too hot, not too cold. However, because wool is not wind proof, the coat has a breathable lining which prevents the wind while at the same time allowing steam to go out. Thus the temperature compensating of the wool is maintained and is supplemented by 100% wind protection.

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Thought-through detail: retractable hood


As with all mamalila jackets the hooded coat offers the possibility to carry on the back, simply zip the babywearing insert into the back zip. However, the large hood of the coat can in this instance be in the way but is now easily stowed away. Inside the collar is a strap, pull it through the zip out the back and fasten/button it around the hood.

Warm, stylish, necessary

„I wanted to tell you that the coat is really wonderful. We feel very comfortable in it! In Regensburg I am regularly approached by strange women about my coat, there seems to be a great need for it. Of course, I like to advertise, because I am fully satisfied!“
Susanne Z.

„The mamalila wool coat fitted the bill perfectly. The coat is very warm, wind and shower proof (these have been tested on our dog walks already!), I love the bright colour of the raspberry. We get lots of compliments when out and about and I love not having to try putting separate coats on us both and then try to get us wrapped for carrying.“
Diane G.

„I put a jacket directly into operation (who knows their product, can sell it better :-)), and I am thrilled! The wool coat looks incredible, in all variants! Thanks a lot for this!"
Franziska H.

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