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    Short Coat for Babywearing

    The ultimate eco-product: the new mamalila short coat for babywearing is made from 100% organic cotton, with an environmentally friendly PU membrane making it weather resilient and breathable, and it has an FC-free coating. Additionally, a detachable quilted lining made from recycled polyester makes the coat particularly versatile allowing it to be worn all year round: in spring and summer as a light cotton overcoat and in autumn and winter as a padded warm winter coat, which is at the same time astonishingly light. Thanks to its A-form, the short coat is also suitable during pregnancy; the growing belly fits comfortably within the generous cut. And with the aid of the accompanying insert, a babywearing coat is born; after all, it too works according to the award-winning mamalila concept.

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      Functions and Features

      The mamalila short coat for babywearing was designed as a coat for all seasons. The light, weather resilient, impregnated outer coat is supplemented by a cozy quilted lining, which can be buttoned in as required and ensures warmth on colder days. Alongside the all year perspective, the new babywearing coat meets the requirements of a product which is consistently based on sustainability, fitting to the mamalila philosophy.

      Important to know: The coat is made from the finest organic cotton, which makes it so comfortable to wear, but at the same time less resistant to abrasion when compared to a similar coat made of synthetic materials. Heavy use may cause colour changes on edges and seams.

      Ideal combination of high-tech and eco-friendly

      • 100% organic cotton
      • Environmentally friendly, breathable PU membrane (PFOS/PFOA-free)
      • Recycled Polyester
      • Wind and weather resilient, with 7,000 mm water column
      • High wearing comfort thanks to innovative lining: very warm, yet surprisingly light
      • FC-free, skin and environmentally friendly water repellent coating (Bionic Finish® Eco)

      FC-free coated


      level 3


      level 5


      level 5

      cold protection

      level 2-6

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      Baby insert with detachable lining for individual heat regulation

      Baby neck protection adjustable to protect against draughts

      Roll-in hood (so as not to interfere when babywearing on the back)

      For ease of movement: body contains 25% more padding than the arms

      A-form allows for pregnant belly without the need for an insert




      Vintage rose

      Vintage rose

      The short coat for babywearing is available in sizes XS to XL. More information can be found in our webshop


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      Organic through and through


      Within the mamalila sustainably orientated collection, the new short coat is the absolute eco-product. The light outercoat is inside and outside 100% organic cotton, supplemented by an environmentally friendly PU membrane (PFOA/PFOS-free), it also sports a Bionic-Finish®Eco FC-free impregnation. In addition, the button-in quilted lining made from recycled polyester, has an FC-free impregnation on the hood.

      One for all seasons


      The short coat is designed as a versatile all year rounder: thanks to the detachable quilted lining, it can be worn both as a light summer coat and as a cozy winter companion; due to the innovative polyester filling the coat is surprisingly lightweight. The lining is buttoned in as needed, with additional tabs at the collar and cuffs to connect it to the outercoat. Also the large hood for the mother, ensuring warm ears on a cold day, is attached to the lining and therefore does not distract from the overall impression of a light spring coat.

      Thoughtful: lined baby insert


      When babywearing with jacket you have a small oven on your chest or back. The oven itself is on the one hand not in motion and on the other hand only warmed from the front, and can therefore feel the cold on its back, even while the babywearing parent remains warm. The babywearing insert of the short coat therefore has a removable quilted lining, like the coat itself, so that the mother and child can individually regulate their respective heat requirements.

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