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    Softshell Babywearing Jacket For Man

    The mamalila men’s jacket for two is designed as a high quality functional jacket made from a flexible softshell and has everything that men need! A sporty cut, generously sized pockets with water proof zips and anextremely breathable membrane. At the same time it is a 100% wind proof and weather hard babywearing jacket.

    In order to satisfy the varying requirementsof the babywearing dads, we offer the same model in two versions, the only differences being the fabric and membrane used.

    • Version 1 – classic: classic softshell with PU membrane, light and soft fabric with 10,000mm water column
    • Version 2 – outdoor: softshell with SympaTex® membrane, textured, hard-wearing fabric with a light structure and 20,000mm water column


    Suitable for






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    with baby insert in front

    with baby insert behind

      Functions and Features

      The softshell babywearing jacket for men does all that men require of it outside, with or without child. Walks and hikes, cycling and trekking, bad weather dog walking and playgroundor tobogganing trips with the kids – so too can dad babywear in all kinds of weather.

      Ideal combination of high-tech and eco friendly

      Version 1 – classic:

      Version 2 – outdoor:

      • Breathable, wind and water proof membrane
      • FC free skin and environmentally friendly coating
      • High quality zips
      • Made In Europe
      • PU membrane with 10,000mm water column
      • Especially soft, supple and light fabric
      • High quality recyclable SympaTex® membrane with 20,000mm water column
      • Textured, hard-wearing and robust fabric

      FC-free coated

      water repellant

      level 6


      level 6


      level 5

      cold protection

      level 4

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      Adjustablesleeve cuffs for a neat fit

      verstellbare Ärmelbündchen für passgenauen Sitz

      Water resistant zips on the pockets

      Two closable side pockets plus two breast pockets

      Adjustable / detachable hood

      Sporty cut

      Baby insert for front or back wearing

      Light, warm fleece lining

      Adjustable neck protection for baby




      Softshell jacket for men for two is available in sizes S to XXL. More information can be found in our webshop.

      Safety instructions

      With the aid of a baby carrier or wrap parents can beautifully integrate their children into their own sporting day, particularly outdoors. mamalila supports and promotes outdoor activities by means of functional babywearing jackets but recommends that the level of activity be adapted according to the age of the child.


      Dangerous stretches, which can lead to falls, and high paced sports such as cycling or skiing are taboo with child in baby carrier. Suitable activities for babywearing parents include hiking, Nordic Walking and snowshoeing. When hiking, it is advisable to wear children over the age of about eight months on the back. Not only does this increase the mobility of the parent but it is also more comfortable for them and for the child more interesting due to the better view afforded.


      On the go with or without a child


      A great plus for the men’s jacket is its flexibility. The baby insert is easily zipped in and makes the perfect companion for trips as a babywearing dad, regardless of whether the child is worn under the jacket in the carrying aid or a wrap. If dad is going solo, the insert comes out and the babywearing function is no longer visible.

      High Performance in any weather


      The softshell babywearing jacket for men is a functional all weather jacket, which thanks to the materials used, can withstand strong winds and persistent rain. At the same time, it is extremely breathable, important for men, as they are often more prone than women to overheat when babywearing. And on particularly bad days, the warming fleece ensures a coziness that is needed in the colder months

      Helpful detail: baby head support


      One minute it is a baby hood, the next a headrest for sleeping babies. By fixing the hood, baby’s head is also stabilized during sleep, because when the jacket is closed and especially in the rain, the headrest of many baby carriers can no longer be used.

        Really worth the money

        „The winter was so biting cold that it was not to be born without a proper babywearing jacket, so I invested the money. Since it is also a proper functional jacket, I can also use it when not babywearing. That convinced me, it was really worth the money!“
        Felix D.

        „Brought this for my partner to carry my 12 week old in, and they both seem to love it.“
        Jodie B.

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