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    Maternity coats for pregnancy and beyond

    At the latest from the sixth month of your pregnancy, everything starts to get tight. First it's the trousers that pinch your bump or refuse to close, then it's the tops that are suddenly all "cropped" in style. And if you're expecting an autumn or winter baby, there's also the jacket that will no longer close.

    In other words, it's time to buy maternity clothes. Trousers, bras, t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, you name it. And that particularly for the last months of your pregnancy, unless you can find maternity clothes that can do a lot more. For example, a maternity winter coat that keeps you and your baby warm and dry after your pregnancy, which also looks good and feels great.

    Maternity jackets from mamalila not only have an insert for pregnancy, but also a baby insert. You zip this into the front or back of your mamalila when you are wearing your baby in a carrier or sling. Or you can leave out both inserts when you are out and about on your own.

    This is the 3-in-1 principle that characterises all mamalila maternity jackets.

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    the mamalila principle

    3 in 1 – more than a maternity jacket

    All our jackets are based on the practical 3-in-1 principle and are therefore not only maternity coats, but can also be used for babywearing and as a normal jacket. Simply replace the maternity insert with the mamalila baby insert. You can zip it into the front or back zip of your mamalila just as easily as the maternity insert, and not only you, but also your baby in the carrier or sling are protected from wind and weather. And when you're out and about on your own, you can simply leave the insert out and wear your mamalila as a normal jacket with an absolute feel-good factor.

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    Maternity coats for every season

    Maternity Jackets for autumn

    When the weather turns unpleasant in autumn, it's time for a wind and weatherproof maternity jacket or a lightly lined maternity coat. As you and your baby keep each other warm, it often only takes an extra layer underneath after birth to turn your maternity jacket for autumn into a winter jacket with babywearing function.


    Maternity winter coats

    For mothers of winter babies, there is no way around a really warm maternity jacket or a maternity coat for winter. Whether it's boiled wool with a membrane or a parka with a vegan lining - with these maternity jackets and maternity coats, nothing will get in the way of your winter stroll with bump. And when your baby is born, you can continue to use the jacket together until the weather has warmed again.


    Maternity jackets for spring and summer

    Having your baby in spring or summer? Here you'll find maternity jackets that protect you from April showers and windy weather, jackets that are easy to stow away and take out on balmy summer evenings when it cools down quickly. And when baby arrives? Zip in the baby insert and discover the world together with your carried child.

    spring / summer

    Your livestyle, your baby bump

    Robust and versatile

    Wind and waterproof, easy to clean and almost year-round in use? Sounds great – and it is. Our softshell maternity jacket has a real fan community for a reason.

    from softshell

    Outdoor active

    If you like hiking and outdoor sports, mamalila makes it easy for you to do this with your baby during and after pregnancy. Take a look at our especially breathable and weatherproof products.


    Style forward

    Looking good with a baby bump and doing something for the planet at the same time is easy. Our urban maternity jackets and maternity coats are characterised by modern cuts and sustainable materials. A real eye-catcher even without a baby bump or carried child.

    urban style

    Naturally warm

    You appreciate the breathability and temperature-regulating properties of wool? We have paired it with stylish cuts and created a mamalila classic.

    wool coats


    As soon as a baby enters your life, whether it is still protected in your bump or already in the world, the topic of sustainability and freedom from harmful substances takes on a whole new meaning.

    That's why it's especially important to mamalila that our maternity jackets are completely free of harmful substances. In addition, we attach great importance to social fairness, climate protection and the responsible use of resources during production. In this way, we contribute together to protecting the world in which our children will live in the future.

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    what mamalila customers say

    At mamalila we put all our expertise and experience into the development of our products. We want them to feel good, be sustainable and meet every challenge of everyday parenting. Your feedback and ratings are one of the most important sources for us for improving our products.*

    Simply great

    I didn't actually order the jacket because of its babywearing function, but because I was looking for a jacket that I could wear after pregnancy and that didn't look like a sack. The jacket fulfilled this perfectly. Thanks to the fitted cut, it sits really well. But now I also wear my little one a lot and the jacket is great for that too. I like it so much that I'm going to order another winter jacket from mamalila.

    Great babywearing jacket

    I carried with this jacket on my back for 14 months. Nothing, except the carrier, came close to being so important to me in the first year of my daughter's life.

    Now I have left the jacket to my pregnant sister-in-law and really miss it bitterly. Especially for very tall people, it's a good fit, even after the babywearing period.

    Everyone needs this jacket

    I have had this jacket since 2016 and am thrilled.

    2 pregnancies and 2 carried children.

    A constant and year-round companion.

    * These reviews have been received by mamalila GmbH via the mamalila webshop without any consideration or remuneration. For technical reasons, it is not possible to check whether these are actual customers.

    Questions about your maternity jacket?

    What is the best maternity jacket?

    A maternity jacket will serve you well in the last three months of pregnancy - this is very important especially in winter or when it rains, but it is still a short time. The best maternity jacket is therefore one that you can still wear afterwards – e.g. as a babywearing jacket or as a normal jacket. It is just as important that you feel good in the jacket and that it is comfortable.

    How does a maternity jacket work?

    A maternity jacket can accommodate your growing bump in several ways: either it is cut in an A-shape, in which case your bump will fit underneath anyway. Or the jacket is extended by two panels in the sides of the jacket, which you can close with zips when you want the jacket to return to a normal size. Finally, there are jackets with an extra insert that you zip into your jacket.

    What size to choose?

    You can choose your normal dress size because a maternity jacket is designed to take your bump underneath. Sometimes it is difficult for you to estimate how big your bump will be. Experience shows that most women need a maternity jacket from the 7th month onwards, because your normal jacket no longer fits. So if you have a maternity jacket that can also be worn as a normal jacket, it should need the maternity extension from the 7th month.

    Why a maternity jacket?

    When pregnant, your bump will grow almost unnoticed for the first few months, but from the 4th or 5th month onwards the change in size will be noticeable. Then you will need maternity clothes. And if your own jacket no longer closes you will need a maternity jacket because protecting yourself against bad weather during pregnancy is important. You should also take this seriously so that you don't get sick unnecessarily and put a strain on your body. If you buy a jacket in an extra large size instead of a proper maternity jacket (or wear your husband's jacket), the jacket won't really fit because only your bump is growing, your shoulders, arms etc. will remain the same. A too big jacket will quickly look baggy and feel uncomfortable. Besides, you should enjoy your pregnancy and feel good, also have fun showing off your growing bump!